about me

I am Scott Moynes but you can call me smoynes (voicing: monospaced).

I think the information superhighway is pretty awesome and this website is where I put my stuff online. There’s not much stuff here yet, but I value quality more than quantity and hope to share some cool jazzy things soon.

In the meantime, consider these words from my hero.

Me having a beautiful wife and great family and friends around me, all the money I’ve got, all the things that I’ve got, a Ferrari that I just ripped the top off of and turned into a convertible, the rings I got, the two mansions on the water, a master’s in criminal justice, I’m a cop, plus I look good.

So to me, shooting 40 percent at the foul line is just God’s way of saying that nobody’s perfect. If I shot 90 percent from the line, it just wouldn’t be right.

Shaquille O’Neal, movie star, musician, athlete, cop, alien